America (2012) - CD or Download

In the fall of 2011, singer-songwriter  Catherine Feeny travelled from her home in Oregon to the financial district of New York City to sleep in a small privately-owned public park as part of the Occupy Wall Street protest. She staid for 5 weeks, getting to know some of the other hundreds that were there, sharing ideas, and gaining new understanding. It was a roller coaster -- from the dizzy excitement of communing with thousands of people in Times Square and Washington Square Park, to the frightening confrontation of brute force as she was arrested in Zuccotti Park.

This galvanizing experience inspired Feeny's fourth solo album. A bold and haunting statement about a nation on a precipice, "America" deftly juxtaposes the fragile beauty of hope with the menace of arrogance and corruption.



People in the Hole (2010) - CD or Download

Beginning with the slow-burning “Jacaranda”, with its gentle ebb and tide of piano and orchestral flourishes, to the lightly groovy and old-timey “The Bell & the Anchor” to the Tom Waitsian Latin-tinged “You Better Run”, this album’s got something for everyone. The penultimate track “The Rest of Them” is particularly haunting, with subtle piano, sparse guitar and drums, with strings and high, minor harmonies providing the perfect complement to the lyrical warning “if you don’t learn to see what’s in front of you, you will be just like the rest of them”. Filled with rich production and clever arrangements, effortless genre-crossing and personal, vivid lyrics, there’s a lot to listen to and love here.