Watch "United" Video

Shot primarily on a Flipcam during a December 17 Occupy Wall Street action,  the new video from Catherine Feeny captures the artist in a boisterous crowd in lower Manhattan near Duarte Park, a small piece of land owned by Trinity Church. The action was designed to draw attention to the conflict between the church's status as a non-profit and its huge corporate land holdings in New York City.

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Last month, defendant  Mark Adams was sentenced to jail time as a result of his participation in the event. Feeny's own trial relating to the November 15 Zuccotti Park eviction is still pending. 

"United" features drum samples and atmospherics recorded in Zuccotti Park last fall. It is from the forthcoming album "America" and is available now as a free download at 


J'ai découvert ce morceau la semaine dernière... je ne peux plus m'en passer ! It's amazing !