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The real estate industry sees millions of people spending billions of dollars each year. With so much money to invest on your property investment, shouldn’t you be making informed decisions with all the facts the latest real estate news and tips?

Real estate broker Catherine Feeny, her team of professionals in the real estate industry, and all her contributing writers have gathered to provide a real estate blog for smart buyers. Looking to learn more about choosing the best property for your money? Look no further than our blog.

At CatherineFeeny.com, whether you’re a buyer, seller, or looking to enter the industry as a broker or investor, we’ll help you learn about your best possible options.

Catherine Feeny

Catherine graduated with a degree in business management. After briefly working for a real estate development company, she went on to form her own business as a real estate broker. In the last 12 years, despite the recession and other bumps in the industry, she’s successfully helped hundreds of clients buy and sell for the best possible price.

Catherine writes about news in the real estate market that buyers and sellers should take note of when entering the market. She believes a lot of these people enter the market blind and with little knowledge, and hopes to change their mindset with her blog.

Ashley De Corona

Real estate agent with over six years of experience. Covering homes in the entire state of Florida, Ashley loves waterfront homes and selling homes for people who love the duality of calming and active waters. Not only are they a relaxing and refreshing place to live in, they also provide a lot of reselling value.

She knows that not all homes are made equal. As a native of Florida, she knows how to find perfect homes based on a person’s personality and needs. Let her help you how to choose the right home.

Esther Chung

Esther knew her success would be in real estate, but she had neither the charm nor patience to become a real estate agent. After earning her degree in business management, she gained experience from working in multiple real estate development companies as a finance executive before landing the perfect job as a real estate manager in the top property management company in the state.

While most people see homes, Esther and her clients see investments. She handles her clients’ properties and does everything she can to make sure they keep earning passive income. Apart from property management, she talks about the various ways residential and property owners can maximize property to improve their portfolio.


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