How to Keep Your Home Tidy Before a Move

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Moving houses can be quite stressful, especially the part wherein you are trying to pack everything and keep all of the clutter out of the house. You definitely would want to leave a good impression with the ones that bought your old house and besides, you owe it to them to keep it clutter-free.

Here,, along with other industry experts, will give you a few tips on how to leave your home clutter-free before getting out of it permanently.

Do it Months Before

If you know you are moving soon, it would be best to start the decluttering process months before the move itself. You can even try hosting a garage sale in your area to see if people are interested in buying some of your used stuff. Not only will you keep your home clutter-free, but you also get to earn a few bucks by selling some of your unused and old things. You can also consider donating and recycling some of your unused things, so you can keep them out of the house as soon as possible.

Don’t Try to Do it All at Once

You do not have to force yourself to do it all at once, as this can be dispiriting and extremely tiring. Try starting small by getting rid of some of the stuff you are not using anymore. For example, you can start decluttering one room for one day, rest for a few days, then do the other room another day. You do not have to finish as soon as you started, especially if you have enough time to do so.

Focus on the Kitchen

Clean kitchen before movingIf anything else, focus on the kitchen. This is the one area in your home where you probably have to declutter a lot of stuff, especially stale and expired food. Dedicate a day or two to clean up your kitchen and make sure that all of your uneaten and stale food is kept out of the fridge. Keeping these inside the fridge not only takes up a lot of space, but it also poses a health hazard to you and your family.

You will be surprised at how good you will feel after cleaning up the fridge and the kitchen. Not to mention it will ultimately look good, too!

Make Time for Some Deep Cleaning

You want your house to be totally clean and presentable for the new homeowners, so you would have to make sure that you would deep clean every crevice before leaving. If you know you cannot do it by yourself, then go ahead and enlist the help of a family or a friend. If this seems impossible to do due to your busy schedule, then hire a team of cleaners to help tidy up your house. You would have to pay a few bucks for it, but it will definitely be worth it.

Always see to it that you will leave a good impression when it comes to your home. Keep all of the mess out and the new homeowners will surely be thankful to you and your family forever!

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