Important Questions to Ask Before Making Your First Home Purchase

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Many people dream of having their own homes. Being able to finally purchase one is considered to be one of the greatest moments in their lives. Keep in mind, though, that there are responsibilities tied in with your new property, which you need to fulfil, lest you want your dream home to become a nightmare of debt and mortgages. This gives you all the more reasons to be really vigilant in your search and being more careful with your final choices. Before you sign any contracts or apply for any home loans, make it a point to ask these questions first:

1. Are there any disputes?

The last thing you want to have on your hands when you’ve just recently bought and outfitted your new home is to find out that you still need to cover for the charges left unpaid by the previous owner. Should you encounter a seller who wants the transaction to be done without the assistance of a licensed real estate agent, then you’re better off looking for another option instead. You can easily find and purchase a house and land around Werribee.

2. Is it accessible?

While acquiring a dream home with all your preferred features is ideal, being miles away from work or school can take a toll on your time and fuel consumption. Check out the roads going to and from your place and see how accessible your final choices are. Better yet, choose a property within close proximity of your office, a hospital, a police station, and a reputable school if you have any children. You may also want to be nearer to places of recreation such as shopping malls, parks, and places of worship.

3. Could I afford it?

Admittedly, every homebuyer needs to consider more than just the upfront costs and any discounted deal that the real estate agent may offer you. There are your lifestyle expenses that you should take into account. Also, consider the other miscellaneous fees that may be included in your mortgage. There might also be possible repairs, renovations, or even larger utility bills brought about by your future property’s upkeep and size.

4. Is it in good condition?

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A decorated or newly-painted house does not automatically mean that it’s liveable. Check for internal issues such as faulty wiring, leaky pipes, and infestation that the current owner may be trying to hide. Make sure that every nook and cranny is thoroughly checked by an accredited house inspector to avoid any buyer’s remorse in the future.

A home is not just meant to be a symbol of your success in life. This is the property where you’ll be living in for a good number of years in your life. You may even raise your family there. If you’re really decided on getting a new residence, then you have to make sure that you’re truly ready for it. Ask as many questions as you can before making any decisions and don’t rush it. Remember that this principle can be perfectly applied when making most of your life choices, so make it a habit.

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