Make the Right Move: Reasons to Relocate in Daybreak, UT

Moving to a new location

Did you know that almost 35.5 million Americans move every year? Well, that is according to stats from Americans are simply the most mobile people in the world.

If you’re on the verge of uprooting your family and relocating to another state or city, it’s crucial for you to take as much time as you need to consider the benefits of the place. Take time to assess your target neighborhood. Does it have various opportunities for every member of the family? Is it safe enough for you, your spouse or your children? Does the community allow you to sustain your current lifestyle? Is the area big enough to consider future property expansions?

Daybreak in South Jordan, Salt Lake City, Utah is one promising master-planned community. It has more than 4000 acres of land, more than enough for a lot of families to thrive. But land size is not everything there is in an ideal neighborhood. Below are other considerations:

Multiple Neighborhood Options

According to GoBE Real Estate –, “There is a wide variety of houses, condos, and townhomes available throughout the community.”  With twelve villages, Daybreak has anything you’re looking for – whether modern single-family homes, vintage-looking cottages, or lakefront properties. The many options at the community can suit the different lifestyles of its residents.

For instance, the Garden Park Village was designed specifically for active individuals aged 55 and above. The village, located in the southwest of Oquirrh Lake, has amenities ideal for older adults like a community garden, swimming pool, and a fitness facility.

Moving to a different location

Amenities and Activities

At Daybreak, commercial and residential properties are found in one place, which means everything you need is just a few minutes away.  Particularly, SoDa Row, another village in Daybreak, offers urban-style townhomes and condominium units. Properties are within walking distance or a bike-ride away from amenities such as cafes, boutique shops, retail centers, and restaurants.

On the other hand, villages like the Eastlake and Lake Villages, as their names suggest, were built around the Oquirrh Lake. Oquirrh Lake is a 67-acre man-made river in the community where residents of Daybreak can walk or jog along the lake shoreline. Neighbors and families can also come together for lake activities.

Safe Town

The community is located in South Jordan, which is one of the safest cities in Utah. In 2018, South Jordan was ranked the 15th safest place in Utah, with only 0.75 violent crimes occurring per 1,000 people.

Safety is also a top priority in Daybreak, especially because the community is home to three schools, which are Daybreak Elementary, Eastlake Elementary, and Early Light Academy.

Energy-Efficient Homes

All homes in Daybreak meet the Energy Star 3.0 standards set by the Department of Energy. This means the buildings were built to be energy-efficient (which will help you save money from utility bills) and have good indoor air quality (which reduces the risk of indoor air pollution at your home).

When you make the right move, you make the right choice. You can greatly benefit from making Daybreak your new home. When you’re in the community, there are a lot of options, amenities, and activities waiting for you and your family. More importantly, in this community, you can sleep well knowing you and your family are safe from harm.

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