Places Where to Invest in Real Estate After the Pandemic Ends

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The coronavirus outbreak revealed that some countries were better prepared in dealing with the pandemic than others. These countries moved quickly and imposed strict border controls to prevent the virus from entering.

Due to this, many people were envious of the residents of these countries and found themselves wishing they owned real estate in these places. Even as living in a country that has controlled the spread of the virus is ideal, this is not the only thing real estate investors should consider. Other factors come into play, such as risks that can affect the value of their investment.

Before investing in real estate, people need to consider different risks that can affect their investments. These investments are not limited to political uncertainty since investors should also consider climate change, which can cause ocean levels to rise.

When it comes to political risks, investors should take into account the stability of the country. While some countries are politically stable, geopolitics may come into play. These situations can affect the political situation in these countries and drive real estate value down. When there is political unrest, real estate values will go down.

Climate change can also affect the value of the land since the land the investor purchases become a part of the ocean if water levels continue to rise, which can cause its value to go down.

Some real estate investors also look at currency fluctuations since these can also affect the value of their investments. These fluctuations play a big factor in the increase or decrease in the value of the real estate.

Taking these risks into account, here are some countries that investors may consider if they’re planning to buy real estate.


When the pandemic first started, Germany was one of the countries with a notable response against the virus. While the situation has changed since then, the European country is still considered as among the best places people can invest in real estate.

Even as the pandemic may have affected its economic outlook, it’s still considered among the best in the world. Before the pandemic, it had the largest economy in the European Union (EU). The cost of living in Germany is also not as expensive as its European neighbors.

The country is also walkable and has a well-organized mass transport system. Additionally, Germany is highly developed and is known for its efficiency.


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Being one of the biggest economies in the world, Canada is an attractive option for real estate investors. Even though some areas of the country experienced considerable outbreaks, the Canadian response to the pandemic was better than other countries. Real estate investors can look forward to being one of the safest and friendliest places in the world.

There is also no residency requirement for people to own property in Canada. But the property tax can be quite complicated. This is particularly true if the investor focuses on flipping. So it’s bests for real estate investors should study it to ensure they get the most out of their investment.


Australia is among the countries hailed for their Covid-19 response. Even with the emergence of new variants, the country was able to contain and manage its cases. The country also has a vibrant economy and has several real estate investment options, including Manor Lakes.

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The Land Down Under also has a high prosperity rating, which is one of the reasons that makes it appealing to real estate investors. Investors can look forward to good returns and high growth potential. Additionally, its wildlife areas make it a good place for eco-friendly investors to live in. These areas also make the country interesting for tourists.


Even though the Covid-19 response of Indonesia needed improvement, the government is gradually gaining ground with the arrival of several million doses of the vaccine. Indonesia is the fourth biggest country in terms of population. It also has the 10th largest economy in the world before the pandemic happened.

The country is famous for its beaches and tourist spots. Real estate investors in Indonesia can look forward to good returns on their investments. Aside from foreigners, they can also rent out their properties to locals, making their rental investment profitable. Rental yields are also stable and constantly increasing. But foreigners can find it challenging to acquire property in the country. Therefore, real estate investors might have to settle for leasehold arrangements to take advantage of the real estate market in Indonesia.

The real estate industry experienced a downturn in different parts of the world. But real estate investors can expect good returns when the pandemic ends.

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