Family, Friends, and Loved Ones: Knowing When to Let Go of Them


There are signs of a toxic family and relationship that can be either subtle or obvious. These situations aren’t always easy to let go of, but when you see them, you can eventually spot dangerous situations. If you don’t know what these signs are, here are some possible situations that show that you might be living in a toxic and abusive relationship.

You’re Not Welcomed at Home

Sometimes, it’s this overreaching feeling of nobody wanting you around that signals an abusive or neglectful home. Some children, no matter how much effort they give to get noticed, can feel more of a burden than a blessing for their parents. Some young adults also feel that their own families can barely stand seeing them. Abuse doesn’t have to be for the young. Neither is it always a direct physical or emotional attack. But if you feel that your life is in danger and that you could be better off living somewhere else, look for flats or townhouses for sale in Daybreak, Utah, and take the important people with you, leaving the abusive ones behind.

Guilt Drives You

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Love is a powerful gift and tool. It allows you to do great deeds of sacrifice and compassion. People want to love and be loved, and that’s what makes them so confident in their day-to-day life. However, there’s also another emotion that fuels a person’s actions. That’s guilt, and it’s an ugly, unhappy feeling. When you’re forced to do something that’s beyond your reasoning and when people tell you that you owe them big time for what they’ve done for you, then it becomes a guilty transaction. You should be grateful for their love and for the time they’ve provided, but that shouldn’t be the biggest reason for you to love them back.

Resentment Keeps Popping Up

As a result of being driven to guilt, resentment can brew in your system. While it’s okay to be hurt and upset by abusive people, living solely on the fumes of resentment and hate can’t make you a better person. In fact, living with great negativity can only make you sick inside and out. You’d move on to become as abusive as the others around you, and you’d always find a reason to blame someone else. Learn to acknowledge the hurt caused by others and learn to accept the hurt you’re causing yourself as well. If every action you perform is driven by pain and anger, nothing you do will be out of love, compassion, or respect. Learn to grow out of your cracked shell and mature to be better than the ones who hurt you.

No matter the closeness of your relationship, it’s more important that you develop a healthy and fulfilling relationship with your own psyche. It can be painful to move on and grow new roots, but a new life is more fulfilling than an old one that makes you unhappy. Live one day at a time. There’s no need to rush headlong into too much grief.

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