Golden Traveling Years: Planning a Trip with Elderly Parents

Man with his elderly parents in a tour bus

Whether it’s your mum reading the same old journals at her home in Truganina, Victoria, or your dad is sick of the beaches at Cronulla, the older adults in your life will need a change of scenery every now and then. Traveling may seem like a trouble for older adults, but ways exist for the elderly to go about their business without endangering their health.

Health Concerns

Check with your older companion’s doctors if they can travel. Short car rides may be fine, but they may have a condition that makes flight and long haul trips a nightmare. Implants can hinder movement, chronic fatigue can limit the time they’re active, and medication can make them drowsy.

Anticipate your companion’s health needs when traveling. Dietary restrictions, locations of hospitals and Australian diplomatic posts, and other needs are important parts of an older adult’s travel checklist.

Documentation and Flight

After ensuring that your companions are cleared for flight, it’s time to get your documentation and flight details in order. Ensure that you have multiple copies of your parents’ or older adult companion’s documents at all times. These include their passport, ID, medical insurance cards, and other papers. If they have a condition that makes them prone to wandering or affects their memory, ensure that they have ID at all times.

When scheduling your flight, make sure you consider your companion’s health and habits. An early flight won’t work for older adults who take more than an hour to get ready. Arrive early to ensure that you have time for breaks.

Local Destination Spots

Australia is rife with natural and man-made tourist attractions. A spot exists for every kind of tourist, from those with special health needs to those who want unique experiences.

More adventurous elderly persons may prefer touring Wilsons Promontory National Park, Vic.; Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, NT; or the Great Barrier Reef, Qld. City hoppers may want to stop by the Gold Coast, Qld.; Sydney Opera House, NSW; and Hobart, Tas.

Heritage gardens abound in every Australian state for those with green thumbs. Wheelchair accessible attractions include the Opera Bar, Queen Victoria Building and Strand Arcade, the Sydney Aquarium and Zoo, and the ferry ride to Manly Beach.

International Tourist Attractions

Adult brother and sister with their elderly parents

A person’s later years is the perfect time to finally check foreign destinations off the bucket list. Seoul in South Korea offers an abundance of technological advancements to aid elderly tourists while boasting modern and traditional architecture. Kyoto in Japan offers companionship and a sense of community with their opulent, ancient buildings and tourist-friendly atmosphere.

The Southern Caribbean is no stranger to retirees looking to experience foreign beaches. Tuscan cities including Florence and Pisa are the best blend of authentic Italian food, wine, and scenery. Seniors looking for friendly destinations in English-speaking countries may want to stop by Williamsburg in the U.S. or Montreal in Canada.

If your elderly travel companion fancies settling down at any of the places you’ve traveled to, they’re in luck. Most places have house and land packages that are affordable for seniors. Some areas even offer incentives for people looking to relocate there.

When this scenario happens, be sure to offer your help. Aid them in figuring out which deal to take, assess the place’s viability and healthcare services, and check if it’s accessible enough that you can go there without trouble in case of emergency. With their golden years ahead of them, older adults meticulously plan for their next great adventures.

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