How to Move to an Office When Your Small Business is Growing Quickly

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It is an exciting time when a business experiences exponential growth. Aside from profits, you will also see your team expand as you try to respond to the new needs of your business. Now, you need a bigger office where your team can work together and achieve success.

Pick a Suitable Space

There are so many factors that should be considered when choosing an office, but most important of which is size and location. First, will there be room for everyone in your team and the equipment that you will have to acquire in order to help in day-to-day function? In case you want to hire more employees in the near future, will you be allowed to expand?

The location should also be a priority. It should be easily accessible to both clients and your team. There should be public transportation nearby so that heading to and from the office will not be a problem. You can rent an office space in Ortigas Center, a business district that is only a few minutes away from bus stops and the Manila Metro Rail Transit System (MRT). There are also numerous cabs driving around the area, ready to bring you anywhere in Metro Manila.

Other important factors you need to look at are the availability of meeting rooms, the employee washrooms, and other facilities.

Office Design

As soon as you lock down a suitable office space, the next thing you may need to do is to give it a makeover. You most likely will make substantial refurbishment before you and your team move in.

The design depends on the kind of atmosphere you want to foster. For example, if your business is in the creative field, the place does not have to look and feel professional. Paint the wall with bold colors or, like Facebook, let the artists in your team have some fun and let them draw on surfaces. If your employees are mostly young professionals, you may thrive in a modern office that prefers working on huge tables rather than cubicles.

Tell Your Clients

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At some point, you need to tell your clients the big news. Send an e-mail blast announcing that you are moving to a new office. Change your address on social media profiles, websites, business cards, billboards, etc. You may even call some of your clients to let them know about the move or invite them for a tour of the new office. You also should notify service providers as early in the relocation process as possible.

Involve Everyone

When moving from one office to another, you should involve your staff in the process. While, at the end of the day, you make the final decision, meet with your employees and talk to them about the office space you are eyeing and the design that you want.

More importantly, do not let outsiders rummage through desks and pack everything up. Instead, let everyone box their stuff so you can make sure that nothing is misplaced or lost. The bigger furniture (tables, chairs, or computers) will be your responsibility.

The process of relocating to a new office space is pretty much the same as moving to a new home. It can be stressful and tiring, but it is a necessary step for your business’ growth. After your move, do not forget to celebrate because you have earned it.

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