Practical but Creative House Design Solutions for Small Lots

House Designs for Small Lots

Opting to build a brand-new home around Williams Landing from the ground up instead of buying an already built one provides you with a lot of room for creativity. But what if the piece of land you have bought is a bit limited? The best course of action is to maximise your acquisition by working on your new home’s overall design. On that note, here are some unique ideas to make your new house stand out despite the compact land area:


For those looking for a blast from the past, going retro is an impressive option. This style focuses on stark and contrasting colours, patterns, and pieces. Think back to the time where you would hear people say “groovy” and “funky” while thinking that being “hip” is cool. Look back to when you were a kid, watching Saturday morning cartoons that had the very same kind of animation and solid colouring—the hallmarks of that time. Those factors should be kept in mind when planning out the construction of your new home.


When you hear the word “Gothic,” you may start thinking about a dark, gloomy piece of land complete with an eerie-looking house that is reminiscent of the Addams’ family mansion. In truth, Gothic means grandeur, majesty, and sophistication. Include large windows and lights in your future home construction plans to cast away the stereotypical haunted atmosphere. You don’t even have to put in expansive rooms such as a grand library or a dining hall that’s reminiscent of castles. Just add a little more elegance to your home’s regular rooms, and that’s basically Gothic.


Perhaps the most common and practical of all the themes, the typical modern designs seek to prioritise function over form. Structure is considered to be the key to pulling off this kind of approach, which may look a bit bare when compared to retro and Gothic. Despite that, it still possesses a powerful visual display that aims for simplicity while remaining chic and functional. Illumination is also highlighted here since it involves the use of glass and mirrors, which allows small spaces to look more spacious than they really are.

Small House Space Ideas


Taking inspiration from the countryside, farmhouse designs allows you to evoke that country feel and rustic ambience. Featuring a wide porch and sleek metal roofs, it also features screen porches or decks where you can relax without getting annoyed by buzzing insects. You don’t need to worry about space since most farmhouses have abundant storage areas integrated into the design. Also, stick to earth tones for your paint and rural furnishings for your décor.

There will be a whole lot more planning involved once you begin building your home, but that is what makes it special. Taking the time to go over the design and personalising your new residence is truly a worthy undertaking. Once you’ve finished construction, furnish your new residence with the appropriate furnishings that follow the overall theme, and you have got yourself a home to be proud of.

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