Style Options for Bungalows

Living room of bungalow

The styles of homes have changed over the years. Through these changes, one style that has remained popular is the bungalow style. This type of home generally has the small square footage, although some bungalows nowadays are quite large.

Although characteristically single story, a few bungalows include a half story with a sloping roof for extra space. Bungalows are particularly useful for homes with people who might have a challenge with climbing stairs, making them all-round homes for different age groups.

For those who want to buy a house in Guelph, Ontario, for large families, bungalows are an ideal choice. They also support large and spacious living, are private and are in most cases far cheaper than other housing styles. Thankfully, bungalows do not feature a cookie-cutter style.

The following are the style options if a bungalow meets your property needs.

Craftsman Bungalow

This is the original bungalow style and is used to describe all classic bungalows. Craftsman bungalows are generally houses with gables facing the streets and shingled roofs. Moreover, they are either dark green or stained brown so that they match their surroundings.

Craftsman style bungalows are also renowned for their extensive and overhanging eaves. California bungalows closely resemble the craftsman style bungalows. They, however, have different construction materials from the latter.

The typical construction materials used on the exteriors of California style bungalows include shingle, horizontal siding, stucco, and wood particularly redwood, unlike the brick in craftsman style homes.

Neoclassical Bungalows

Most people assume that bungalows are informal and rustic. In the 20th century, however, builders combined American and Greek-style homes to create the neoclassical bungalow style.

These houses are simple and practical yet have an elegance to their proportion and symmetry. These elements make them stand out more so with the Greek-type columns used in their exteriors.

Modern Bungalows

Modern bungalows feature curved corners unlike the sharp ones in other styles. These corners will generate a sense of motion in your construction.

The bungalows are typically made from brick, glass, and concrete, and their interiors are airy and light with several design elements from modern constructions. Most of them also feature bulkheads or portholes.

Foursquare Bungalows

These have been popular since the late 19th century. They are basically spinoffs of Victorian buildings and incorporate style elements of prairie-style and arts and crafts construction designs.

Foursquare bungalows are perfect squares and have large and boxy rooms. They also have center dormers and usually feature heights of 2 ½ stories.

Prairie-Style Bungalows

Sample of living room bungalow

These have a low-pitched gabled or hipped roof. They are also renowned for their square pillars for the porch roof’s support and window boxes. Decorative door surrounds, flat and broad chimneys and contrasting exterior elements are some of the design features in prairie-style bungalows.

For most people on the lookout for a property, buying a bungalow is easy and needs no expert input. Without a knowledgeable realtor by your side, however, distinguishing the above types of bungalows might be challenging and altogether impossible. Get the best realtor to guide you on which of the above styles suffices for your needs and help you get the best bargains for your home.

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