Is Townhome Living Right for You? Ask These Questions First

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People move to townhouses because they are smaller, easier to maintain, and most often than not, closer to their place of work or business. If you’re from Riverton, Utah, you can take a look at the new townhomes being offered that’s perfect for downsizing or starting families.

Townhome buyers must thoroughly check the property and its location to see if it’s a good fit for their needs, preferences, and lifestyle. Experts suggest asking these five questions before deciding on a property to buy.

Is it close to nature?

A small touch of nature can surely enhance any urban townhome. The units toward the end often have more outdoor space for an extra room, patio, or porch.

If you can’t have a garden in your own front or backyard, check if there are pockets of green in the development. More often than not, townhome complexes or gated communities have communal gardens or parks.

Paths are also lined with trees to offer shade, and blooming flowers are placed to add color to the area. In some developments, there are bamboo groves, Japanese gardens, or koi ponds to provide residents a place to relax and unwind.

Is my privacy safe?

In a townhome setting, you will most likely have neighbors on both sides. Check how noise travels through the homes, especially the ones you are eyeing. Ask around; inquire how they manage to soundproof their homes.

Do they hear TV and sound noises in their homes? Is noise pollution kept at a minimum? If you are a light sleeper, you do not want to be in near a loud community, or you will end up becoming a zombie.

What are the neighbors like?

The home owners association (HOA) can truly change the rhythm of the entire neighborhood. If the townhome has a common area such as recreation center, clubhouse, or parking area, these are most likely controlled by the HOA in the place.

The HOA can restrain, regulate, and admonish other homeowners in terms of keeping common places clean and presentable for guests, stop a rowdy neighbor from making noises, and collect such fees and dues that are required under the circumstance.

What is covered by insurance?

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In some new townhomes developments, like those in Riverton Utah, insurance is being handled by the HOA. It is crucial that you inquire about the policies and ask how you can ensure belongings in case some untoward incident happens.

Does insurance include flood, earthquake, force majeure, and any other calamities? It is worth consulting with your insurance agent to know more about the specifics of the policy before you close the deal.

What about CC&R inclusions?

Covenants, conditions, and restrictions (CC&Rs) are often included in the contract when you live in particular communities. If you are looking to own a townhome, there is most likely one for your property.

The CC&R specifies who can live in your home, if you can have pets, what are your obligations in case of infestations, whether you can place a clothesline in front of your yard, and other various aspects of your daily living.

Although the terms in the CC&Rs can limit what you can and cannot do in your property, it has some added benefits too. Due to CC&Rs, your townhome row and common places look nicer, safer, and well maintained.

Furthermore, they prevent typical neighborhood annoyances from occurring. Carefully read the CC&R before you affix your signature.

Asking the right questions when viewing a townhome will help you find the right property and community.

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