What are Relocation Consultants and How Can They Help You?

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When a rewarding career opportunity involves relocating to a different state or country, the challenge is quite clear. Moving your family out of your old home and transferring them to a new one involves a lot of work. You may need to hire a relocation consultant who can help you with the move.

Relocation consultants offer a variety of services, from selling your old home to finding you a new one to rent or own. The real estate experts at Leasing Agent 415 say that a great relocation consultant sees to it that the clients go through a smooth, stress-free relocation, beginning from scouting for a home that will suit the clients’ needs, to helping them settle in the new neighborhood.

What can a Relocation Consultant do for you?

Assist you in finding a new home

A relocation consultant will ask you questions regarding your budget, family size, pets, stuff to move and your planned relocation schedule. The relocation consultant will use this information to narrow down your options that closely match your needs, thus speeding up property search. They will also advise you on the documents you’ll be needing so you can build a renter’s profile that can be presented to landlords or property management companies.

Aside from property viewing, the relocation consultant can also arrange a guided tour of the neighborhood or city that you have chosen. This will help you be familiar with the local amenities, nearby hospitals, schools and recreation areas so you can assess if the neighborhood will be a suitable place for you to live in.

Once you have selected a home, they can also help you in reviewing the lease terms and guide you until the lease agreement is signed.

Assist you in logistics

If you have a lot of stuff to move, a relocation consultant will help you find a moving company that’s in charge of packing up and transporting your items. If you’re coming from a different country, they can also help you comply with visa and immigration requirements. Relocation consultants can assist in taking care of the necessary permits if you are bringing pets with you.

Assist in settling in

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If you have children, relocation consultants can help you find an ideal school for them. They can provide you with a list of schools and arrange appointments or visits. Relocation consultants can also assist you in installing electricity, water and internet facilities, setting up a bank account, government registrations and obtaining your driver’s license. Relocation consultants also have access to local service providers which they can refer to you. These include dentists, doctors, babysitters, electricians and plumbers.

While a career opportunity in a different location is a great start to a new chapter in life, the relocation process requires plenty of planning and paperwork. If you don’t have a lot of time on your hands, relocation may become a long, complicated process. Relocation consultants are equipped with the training, education and network that will make the transition easier and faster for you and your family.

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