Why Makati Is the Best Place for Young Professionals

Makati City Skyline

When you hear the word “Makati,” you can easily conjure images of skyscrapers and thriving professionals. Also, over the years, Makati has retained that prestigious image. It is one of the country’s financial capitals, which means that starting a career in this city is a good idea for many reasons.

Many young professionals flock into Makati for its promising offers. The lifestyle that the city gives also complements the needs and wants of many yuppies. However, what things make it that way? If you are a young professional considering a career in the urban district, Makati should be one of your prospects. Working and even living here can be some of the best life decisions that you will ever make.

Are you new to Makati? It’s time to meet her. If you are looking for some reasons why you should be part of this city, here are some of the things that you need to keep in mind:

It’s Home to the Country’s Top Companies

Truth be told, Makati has a wealth of homegrown and multinational companies. This means that you have a lot of workplaces and businesses to choose from should you decide to work here. Procter & Gamble, Standard Chartered Bank, Asia Brewery, Inc., and Bank of the Philippine Islands are among the top companies there. Just walk along Ayala Avenue, and you will realize how many people go in and out of the district to work. You can leave the business district and visit the Poblacion side, and there are still some career options waiting for you there.

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It Has a Lot of Good Living Spaces

Makati is not just for working people. It is also for yuppies who want to live in the middle of the action. When it comes to this, you are sure to find ideal residences. Right in the central business district of Makati, you can find a condo for rent. Just go to the outskirts, and you will still find great living spaces.

The Yuppie Culture Is Here

Makati is very supportive of yuppie culture. A lot of workforce members are millennials, so you will find it easy to relate to people. Also, since you have the same wavelength, you will surely find activities that you can enjoy. Do you want to party? There’s Poblacion for that! Do you enjoy shopping? Go to Greenbelt and Glorietta. For the art seekers, there are galleries, such as the Ayala Museum and Leon Gallery.

Every corner of Makati can be treated as a sensory experience as there are many things that you can experience all at once. With that in mind, if you want to have a taste of the city, be part of it. Take some friends with you!

Makati is a beautiful city. It is friendly, and the vibe will always make you feel alive. It lets you experience the beauty of urbanity and helps you have some time for yourself. Come and be part of it. Makati will be more than willing to welcome you.

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