Designing Your Rented Apartment Without Getting in Trouble

Designing your Apartment

When it comes to living arrangements, people often decide between buying property or renting. There are some situations when buying property will be a smarter investment, especially if you have cash on hand to make a down payment. However, many millennials and young professionals find it more practical to rent property.

Now when it comes to renting, there’s the age-old dilemma for renters: do they have to live in an apartment they can’t customize because they don’t own it? Developers and owners have fortunately realized that renters are humans too, which means they outfit apartments to be livable and aesthetically pleasing to the majority.

This doesn’t mean your apartment should look like a carbon copy of your neighbour’s. Luckily, modern apartments are easy to customize to your tastes and with these design ideas, you can have that personal space without breaking any rental laws:

Add Small Furniture

Most apartments available for rent such as Dupuis Properties in the North Bay area in Ontario may come outfitted with basic furnishings. You have your bed frame and appliances, couches and sets of tables and chairs. A few additions, such as picture frames and coffee tables (and coffee table books!) should do the trick. Rugs and space-saving shelves also improve comfort and functionality, and these can be removed should your tenancy in the apartment end.

Apartment Design Ideas

Switch up the Curtains

Unfortunately, painting the walls is usually prohibited. Nevertheless, this is no reason to fret. You may not be allowed to paint the apartment that very unique shade of orange you like, but you can add that favoured colour in the form of curtains and blinds. This changes a rather drab room into something that’s more you. Aside from the curtains or blinds, pillowcases may also use the patterns and colours you prefer, so they can liven up the room even though your couch comes in a neutral shade.

Grow Plants

One thing renters envy from house owners is the outdoor space they can use for anything they want. Your apartment may not come with the same backyard space, but you can still grow some plants in pots around the house and in the kitchen. Succulents are a big hit these days, and they are quite low maintenance. Their size is ideal for small appartments, since they take little space and they look great too!

You can also try herbs, which give the place an aromatic scent while keeping insects away. You may also choose herbs that you can actually use for cooking, so they serve not just an aesthetic purpose. You can choose leaves that can be made into tea as well. Potted plants work with the space you have, and you may remove or redesign them anytime without going against building codes.

In choosing your living arrangements, renting an apartment is a wise choice, but it can be quite confining. Don’t think of it as a cage you have to live in. There are plenty of design options to get the home you’ve always longed for.

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